This is War

You know, it’s been a while since I let myself write a rambling, half-thought-out rant here, but this is a blog and what the hell good is a blog if you’re not doing that? I’ve been focusing a lot on my fiction recently, as you might have noticed. There’s a bunch of reasons for that but the big ones really are that I’ve really, desperately needed an escape from the constant barrage of bullshit that’s coming from our government, the sweeping hatred that’s gripped our country, and all the other fuckery that’s flooding everything I look at recently. This, though, isn’t about escaping. It’s about speaking up.

It’s about speaking up when I see our president signing an executive order that results in the detaining of legal US citizens because of their national origin. It’s about speaking up when I see rights being trampled on in the name of “safety”, with thinly veiled words that prove that it’s not about safety. It’s about seeing Sally Yates, our now-former Attonrey General, standing up and doing her goddamn job, knowing full well that it would result in immediately losing that job. It’s about watching as a fucking Nazi-sympathizing fascist takes control of our country. It’s about all the people who think we’ve gotta “hear both sides”.

You know what? You’re right! We’ve gotta hear both sides! And I’ve heard them. I’ve heard one side say we should be turning refugees away, because their nationality makes them a suspect. I’ve heard that side say that I should be subjected to shock therapy until I “convert” to their definition of normal. I’ve heard that side say that we should ban immigration, and not guns, to address crime. I’ve heard that side openly and frequently say that we should be asking ourselves if a genocide of the black race is to the benefit of our world.

I’ve heard it, and I reject it. If you try to tell me that a life — ANY goddamn life — means less than yours becasue of nationality, because of religion, because of skin color or sexual preference or any other goddamn reason: you are my enemy. Maybe we were friends once. Maybe we were family. Maybe you already hated me, or snickered to yourself when I came out as a transgender woman. Whatever we were, whatever it was before this moment, it is dead. I do not accept your hatred. I do not accept that disagreeing with racism and xenophobia is a “differenece of opinion”. I do not agree that slavish devotion to our president — to ANY president — is the meaning of patriotism.

You say I should practice tolerance, that I should respect a difference of opinion. That’s great! I’m willing to respect a difference of opinion any goddamn day. No problems there, buddy. When you say that about someone who poses an eminent threat to my queer friends, to my friends of color, to my Muslim friends — I draw a line. This is not my rejecting my ideals; this is not me rejecting logic or reason or restraint. This is me, responding to an open declaration of war. We did not start this war, you and I, but like it or not, we are drawn into it. There is no option for neutrality. The current administration has made that perfectly clear.

So, hold fast to your logic and your centrist beliefs. You’re probably a white guy — it’ll probably work out, for you. It won’t work for women. It won’t work for people in skin that’s darker than yours. It won’t work for the LGBTQ community. It won’t, because our nation is led by a man who’s ear hears only what it wants — and what it wants is fed to him by the self-proclaimed “voice of the alt-right”. By the by, there is no such fucking thing as the “alt-right”. They’re the new breed of Nazis, and their goals are the same as those who laid the groundwork for them in 1930s Germany.

Maybe you think we’re being whiney little snowflakes, thinking we’re somehow special and deserving of a “participation trophy”. Fuck you. I never got a trophy for participating in anything. I’m not special, I’m human. That’s it. That’s all any of us are. It’s the only thing we can be, and the only thing I’m proud to be any more. I used to feel pride in my country — and yes, this goes back before Trump. Before Obama. Before I was even a part of the political world, when I was a part of this country’s now-dying educational system. My teachers never told me that I had to listen to a president if he was enacting laws I disagreed with; they encouraged me to think. To grow.

And yet, as we watch the nation churn in growing turmoil, the president is tossing aside all “defectors”. Anyone who questions his word is labeled an enemy, even if it is their job to do so. This nation was founded with a series of “checks and balances” — maybe you remember hearing about them? Those are crumbling before us as the direct result of a fascist ruler and a spineless gathering of weak, pathetic politicians beneath him. Democrats, Republicans — I don’t give a shit about party lines. Both side have shown their cowardice in the last week, and both will continue to empower this raging ass-hat until it’s far too late to save any of us anymore.

Maybe you think I’m a sore loser because my candidate didn’t win. I didn’t have a candidate in this election. There was nobody running who represented my interests. Not during the primaries, not during the general election. Never. Not once did a candidate come forward that gave a shit about me as a person. Most of them, though, would have agreed that I’m a person, or even that I’m an American. Trump has called me an enemy. That is his word, not mine. That is his label, not mine. This is his war, but I’m forced into it. Sure, out here in California, in the skin of your average white guy, I’m pretty safe. My life isn’t in immediate danger. Others’ lives are, and if you think we can sit back and wait while they build the walls, the camps — fuck you. You’re going to end this on the wrong side of history.

Anyway, if you’re at the end of all this, then you’re probably someone that agrees with most of what I’ve said, so there’s no real point in going on any further. All the hotheaded, safe-space-needing Nazi sympathizers are gone by now, so thanks for pulling through. On the off chance you managed to get here while still thinking that everything I’ve laid out here is somehow extremist or wrong — why? What is the endgame in your fierce dedication to supporting those who would just as soon see me dead because I present a threat to their world view? I don’t have any more words for you. Get out of my life.

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